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KDE type 1 Current Transformer KDE 10480

Primary current 5A -3000A
Secondary current 5A
Maxium voltage 0.66kV
Continuous operating current 1.2 x ln
Test voltage per minute 2.5 – 3kV
Rated security coefficient FS<5
Frequency 50-60Hz
Thermal rated current lth = 60 x ln
Rated load 1 – 30VA

KDE Type 1; Type 2 and Round range of current transformers are compact-smaller than other models with the current ratio of the transformer is small. Clamshell-style terminal cover is well protected by the second terminal. With related accessories you can use Din rail mounting a current from 5A to 3000A (KDE type1) Note: End user can choice current transformer operating best at 70%-80% Ipn, examples, with CT 3000/5A, it will operate best from 2100A to 2400A, if end user use 3000A long time, it is broken CT by over heat.

Dynamic rated current:

Ratio error of current transformer can be guaranteed between 100% and 120% of rated current.Error class can be 2-3
folding,especially the value of the under half rated current at the application,load current can be taken into consideration between ln – 1.2ln.


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