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KDE500M Inverter

Keypad LED Digital keyboard and LCD keypad(option)
Inuput Voltage 1phase/3phase 220V:200V~240V
3 phase 380V-480V:380V~480V
Allowed Voltage
fluctuation range
Input frequency 50Hz / 60Hz,fluctuation less than 5%
Output Voltage 3phase:0~input voltage
Overload capacity General purpose application:60S for 150% of the rated current
Light load application:60S for 120% of the rated current
Control mode V/f control
Sensorless flux vector controlwithout PG card(SVC)
Sensor speed flux vector control with PG card (VC)
Operating mode Speed control, Torque control(SVC and VC)
Speed range 1:100 (V/f)
1:200( SVC)
1:1000 (VC)
Speed control accuracy ±0.5% (V/f)
±0.2% (SVC)
±0.02% (VC)
Speed response 5Hz(V/f)
frequency range 0.00~600.00Hz(V/f)
Input frequency resolution Digital setting: 0.01 Hz
Analog setting: maximum frequency x 0.1%
Startup torque 150%/0.5Hz(V/f)
Torque control accuracy SVC:within 5Hz10%,above 5Hz5% VC:3.0%
Ambient temperature -10°C~ +40°C (derated if the ambient temperature is between 40°C
and 50°C)
Humidity Less than 95%RH, without condensing
Protection Refer to Chapter 6 “Troubleshooting and Countermeasures” for the protection function
Altitude Lower than 1000 m
Protection level IP20


Datasheet KDE500M


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