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LCD Current relay KDE-AT-LD

Features Autoranging Current display
User settable trip level and time delay
Password protection
Two Relays Output
Auto / Manual Reset
Bargraph Display for current in percentage of full scale
Protection under Current, over Current,
under frequency, over frequency, Phase loss
phase reversal, Current asymmetry & Locked Rotor
System 1 Phase 2 Wire, 3 Phase 4 Wire
Burden on Supply < 3 VA
Delay Power ON Delay :0-99.9 sec, Trip Time Delay :0-99.9 sec, Recovery Time Delay :0-99.9 sec(Auto Reset)
Relay Contacts 2 Potential free contact (NO, C & NC) (energise or de-energise on trip programmmable)
Contact Rating 5 Amps / 240V AC
Nominal Voltage
Nominal Current 0.01 – 6.00 Amps, 45 – 65Hz
Set Point Under current : 2-100% of CT primary
Over current : 10-120% of CT primary
Current Asymmetry: 5-99.9%
Over Frequency: 47-65 Hz
Under Frequency : 45-63 Hz
Locked rotor : 2-10 Times of overload
Hysteresis Current 10.1-3.5%
Frequency :0.2-2.0Hz
Asymmetry : 2.0 -20.0 %
Accuracy ± 1% of setting
Operating -10° C to 70° C, Storage: -20° C to 50° C
Humidity Up to 95% RH
Dimension 93X35X68 mm (LxBxH)
Mounting DIN Rail
Weight 48 g
Auxiliary Supply 90-270V AC/DC
Display LCD 3 Digit with backlight


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