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Three phase meter KDE883

Display 7 segment LED display, 0.56″
Digits 4 digits 1 row
Input Volts 0-500VAC (L-L)
Input Ampere / Voltage 0.015 – 6.00A / Direct 60 ampere optional
Resolution & Accuracy Energy 0.1 kWh, PF 0.001, Hz 0.01
Auto ranning for volts ampere & power; class 0.5, class 1 for energy
CT Primary Programmable for up to 5000A
CT Secondary 1A / 5A Programmable
PT Ratio up to 132 kV
Communication RS485 Modbus (On specal request)
Auxiliary Supply 90 – 270VAC / DC
Burden 3VA Max. for Auxiliary supply, 0.2VA for Voltage & Current input
Update Time 1 Sec
Scroll Auto / Manual
Parameter VL-L, VL-N Phase wise & Avg,  Ampere Phase wise & Avg, Hz PF Phase wise & system, Active, Reactive, Apperent power Phase wise & total, Energy  THDV, THDI, Load Hours
Hz, THDV Phase wise & Avg
Temperature / Humidity -10°C to 55°C, Storage: -20°C to 75°C < 95% RH


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