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Under voltage relay (delayed restart) KDE-102

Features Consistent Reliability with high accuracy
Trip setting through front panel potentiometer
Time delay user settable
LED Indication for healthy/faulty status
Compact size
Under voltage/Over voltage/phase reversal/
Phase loss & voltage asymmetry
System 3 Phase 4 Wire / (3 Phase 3 Wire optional)
Burden on Supply < 3 VA
Nominal Voltage 90-300 V AC / 300-520 VAC for 3P3wire
Delay 0.2 Sec. to 30 Sec.
Set Point Over voltage -240V-300V,Under Voltage-175V-235V
Voltage Asymmetry 30V, Phase loss <150V,
Hysteresis 5V
Relay Contacts 1 Potential Free Contact, (NO, C & NC), (De-Energise on Fault)
Contact Rating 5Amps / 230 V AC / 28 V DC
Temperature Operating: -10° Cto 55° C, Storage: -20° C to + 75° C
Humidity < 95% RH
Dimension 78 x 17.5 x 97 mm (Lx Bx H)
Mounting Din (35 mm rail)
Weight 75 gms


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